really f⌛️️⚡️*n fast.

Save hours doing redirects and do more of the things you love🕺

Daniel Vaszka

Designer & Webflow Developer

"Just tried RouteRaccoon and it's the best! In 1 hour I was able to get all the re-directs done for almost 300 pages. Saved me at least 10+ hours of boring work!

Luke Bonnici

Full Stack Developer

"I wish this existed earlier. It took me 3 hours to create the redirects manually. Ran the same site through Route Raccoon, touched up the documents and was done in 20 minutes."

Oliver Jay
Founder of REVERE 3D

"Our CGI company needed a Virtual Tour solution to host 360 images for our property clients. Koala360 is perfect for this, super easy to use and looks great. We're rolling this out to all of our clients. 5-stars!"

Sick of spending hours on 301-redirects documents?

Spend minutes instead, because so were we.

Create redirects in minutes, not hours.

Humans do 1-2 redirects per minute. RouteRaccoon does 5 per second.

Enter URLs


Enter your current and staging urls and hit the button to start scanning.

Review Results


Easily review the automated redirects and identity easy SEO wins.

Download Files


Export your edited migration data as CSV and Htaccess files.

Migrations can be fast!

30 page sites in 7s. 1500 page sites in 5m.

*accuracy depends on new site structure and # of pages scanned.

Easily edit your best-matched urls and download them. Upload the csv or .htaccess file and keep valuable link juice flowing.

Alphabetically ordered by URL for streamlined editing.
Automatic handling of broken links such as 404s.
Colour coded confidence score.
A screenshot of an automatic 301-redirect migration tool showing a visual editor. URLs are automatically best-matchedA screenshot of an automatic 301-redirect migration tool showing a visual editor. URLs are automatically best-matched

Migration Docs

Redirect docs with pre-matched urls and confidence score. Easily editable.


Number of pages scanned, missing titles, descriptions and content.

Current + Staging Sitemaps

With titles, meta-data and page content.

Broken Links

All broken links and their errors (404)
Quickstart SEO optimised migrations 🧞

Unlock easy SEO wins with migration data

Discover missing titles, meta-descriptions and broken links and don't go live without them.

Easy SEO wins with title, description and content.
Hassle free handling of broken links such as 404s.
All your migration data viewable from one place.

Time⌛️️= Money 💵

Route Raccoon
🙋 300 pages
🙋 1000+ Pages
Creation Time
5 pages / second
300 pages in < 1 minute. 1500 pages in < 5 minutes
User Experience
Migration Cost
*current agency migration fee.
$0.10 per page

Automatic 301-redirects.

Useful SEO data is extracted from current and staging sites and used to best-match the urls.

Url + Content matching.

Considers the url + SEO data when selecting best-match pages. Broken links are also mapped.


Lightning Fast

Save hours of tedious work and let the computers do the heavy lifting.


Easy SEO wins.

Missing titles and meta-descriptions are bad for SEO. Use the data get some easy wins.


Sip a warm bevereage.

Computers work fast so you can keep enjoying your drink while reviewing.


Broken Links

Find all 404's and other broken links and have them automatically redirected.

F💎*n fast 301 redirects.🚀

*accuracy depends on new site structure and # of pages scanned.

Receive best match 301-redirects in minutes with broken page reports and useful SEO data. Make some adjustments then upload.

Currently in Beta 🔥

Get your redirects securely.

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